Saturday, October 25, 2008

Team Lazer Explosion

My friend Rita and I have decided to start our own movement. A revolution, if you will. A philosophy of teaching, even.

It's called: Team Lazer Explosion and we want to do what's best for kids, no matter what. We believe that everyone can get along amicably with everyone if we all focus on the positives in our lives, love our jobs, do our jobs well, and treat others with respect (including the students).

We believe.

We've only got one question for you: are you in, or are you out?


Darlene said...

I in!! All the way from Manteo Middle School, I am in. I need a name though.

Joette said...

I'm in. Just do the right thing - no matter what.
There are so many good students and teachers. I realize there is a small population on students that don't care - along with teachers in the same spot - but again I stress - just like in the general population - a small percent of the Boo-Hiss type personalities that try to rain on the rest of the worlds parade. Don't worry - we have umbrellas : )

Joette Riggs

Darlene said...

I miss you Joette Riggs!!!
Darlene Porter 0:)

Simonisays said...

Timmons! Count me in! I propose changing the name to the Super Sonic and Slick Jabba's. Either way, count me in. Also, I miss you Darlene!