Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This is MY Life

Sorry for not posting ANYTHING recently. Life seems to have passed me by rather quickly, that or I just became swamped with obligations I oh-so-obligingly agreed to... National Board Certification, ActivBoard training, Gifted Curriculum online course, volleyball coaching...

Anyways, enough of feeling sorry for myself. I found this SNL skit today while I was searching for a clip to use in my classroom on how to create valid questions. My students have written children's non-fiction books on dinosaurs for a local elementary school and we are going to read them next week to over a hundred 2nd graders. As part of this project, my students are required to write low, medium and high level questions that they will ask during this field trip.

This video clip is an exact depiction of what teaching can be like... just not everyday (Thank God).

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