Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The act of running might be cheaper than therapy...

... but the cost of the equipment might get you in the end.

I visited this fantastic running store called Fit2Run here in Sarasota and was amazed at the selection, the scientific procedures that we conducted on my feet and the knowledge the employees exhibited. I have been having knee troubles and I have visited an orthopedic doctor/surgeon only to be told that I can take Celebrex and be on a strict regimen of ice. I have had an MRI and x-rays done, with also the offer to get Rooster comb injections.

No thanks. I don't eat chicken, so I don't think I want any part of chicken injected into my joints. Besides, rooster combs just look gross. (PS - I know how vaccines are made using eggs, but that's ok in my book - I like eggs.)

So I walked into Fit2Run with just the goal of making sure I was running the right pair of shoes. They first analyzed my feet and determined how my weight is distributed throughout the foot. Then, they measured my feet. Lastly, they fitted me with a pair of fabulous shoes and conducted a gait analysis on the tread mill. It was pretty cool to see just your feet running on the television screen.

The good news was I am wearing the appropriate footwear for marathon training. The bad news was I ended up spending close to $300 on new equipment!

New running shoes: $120

Custom fitted orthodics: $60

Pink running belt: $25
(For my phone, keys, Gu and PowerBeans)

Chocolate Rush Gu: $8

Finishing the New York Marathon in under 5 hrs: Priceless

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